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Paper products

Like any other product we use, paper towels have become essential to keep us dry, safe, and clean. There are many types, from the ones we use in the bathrooms to those that have special characteristics and are used in the manufacturing process of very costly equipment. Knowing the type of paper you choose for your company can be the difference between the difficult relationship in costs and safety.

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Chemicals & sanitizers

Our company is a bridge that can guide yours through an extensive variety of soaps, sanitizers, and disinfectants. The goal is to supply the right products and make sure they work properly all the time. We supervise the installations and visit periodically to ensure our products are working properly while following local and federal regulations.

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Office solutions

Our work begins at the door with an entrance mat that keeps out the dirt or water from the shoes of the public. It continues at the aisle of the company with sanitizers in strategic locations, including the break room where most of the bacteria grows. Ending at the bathrooms with soap and paper well protected from all contaminants in the air.

Our current office products

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Industrial Safety

From having a single sign to prevent a slip at the entrance of your business while cleaning, to knowing the proper mask your employees must use to air paint in your workshop; they each have a guidance you can refer to.

Our current office products

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