Superior Janitorial Supplies for Doral FL Workplaces

Now that we are all returning to offices, cubicles, and desks, we are both relieved and possibly a bit hesitant. We want to know that the spaces we work in are properly sanitized. We need effective cleansers to protect ourselves and our colleagues. In Doral, one company has dedicated itself to supplying the right products for workplace safety and hygiene. That company is us. We’re Victor Feria & Associates.

Our mission is to bring not just janitorial products, but solutions. We service office buildings, small companies, municipal buildings, and more. For over a decade business owners have entrusted us with their sanitation supplies and their health.

The Highest Standard in Paper Products

Our consultant meets with you to determine your product needs on a weekly or monthly basis. Then we create a schedule that works for your business size and number of employees. Should you need to order extra supplies or change the day of delivery, no problem. We’re there when you need us. And the equipment installation is on us.

Our full range of products includes paper products, disinfectants, cleaning supplies, chemicals, soaps and sanitizers, disinfectants, odor control, green seal certified products, and much more. We are a certified Armchem distributor in the area and can provide the product solutions you know and trust.

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Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with more information about our array of products or to arrange an on-site consultation. Contact us today!

Hi, my name is Victor Feria and for more than16 years, I have shown manufacturing professionals and office managers how to get the most value for their office supply dollar.
With janitorial and chemical supplies, the right product married to the right process makes all the difference in the world.

Let me show you how we can reduce your costs or increase productivity with a few simple changes. Schedule a complimentary, no obligation appointment with me today.