One Manufacturing Company's Story

Understanding the needs of any manufacturer as part of their process, is one of my goals. If you only consider yourself as a supplier of goods, you will never experience the difference. When I approached this company, my decision was to understand their process from the beginning. To my surprise, I discovered that the view of large supplier companies mainly focuses on opening accounts and not keeping them as part of their portfolio. After extensive research, a friend of mine that works for a name brand company confirmed that since their volumes are so big, they only advertise customer service, but do not actually practice it. These major companies are not interested in engaging in the needs and problems of their customers and are not willing to search for an alternative solution that benefits their clients. I am always trying to look for ways to be one step ahead. When I began to work for one of these manufacturing facilities, I took the time to learn what, how, and when. I learned their needs and expanded my services from one or two items to several, with special attention to the level of importance of each. For example, if one of the items I supply is basic for their production process, my priority is to carry that product in excess, so I always have inventory to respond to anyone in need of it. Over the years, I am proud to say that the production line has never stopped or been delayed because of a failure on my behalf. I take pride in knowing that it takes a genuine commitment to achieve that confidence. Many of my customers lean on the service we provide with the understanding that we will always be the most efficient, economical, and a better solution they can reach, and at the same time we will keep them safe and secure under the local and federal regulations they have to follow. There is no greater achievement then when a client calls and asks if I have the specific product that they are trying to buy from another vendor. No higher accomplishment is better if the reason is based on complete confidence in my history as an efficient vendor to them. I can warrant complete commitment like the one I have with this customer, to any potential customers that are searching for an efficient way to keep their business open, safe, clean, and under budget. Schedule a phone call with me at your earliest convenience (set an appointment) or send me an email to I am just waiting for you to begin the conversation.